Wood Rot Repair

Roofing discussion often center around shingles, ventilation systems and gutters, so it's easy to forget how much wood is involved in a roofing system. The very frame your roof sits on may be made of wood as are soffits, fascia and chimney corners. It is important to replace rotted wood before it causes leaks or, in the case of framing, becomes weak enough to compromise the structure of your roof.

At Atlanta's Best Roofers, our inspectors and roofers know where to look for wood rot and always do when looking at a roof. If we find rot, we'll help you repair it as soon as possible so the damage doesn't spread and cause larger problems. If we feel that the rot is sever enough to compromise your roof's structure, we will alert you immediately and help you keep you and your family safe. If you see or suspect rotting wood on your roof, call Atlanta's Best Roofers for help today and avoid bigger problems tomorrow.